Manufacturing Plants

Plant - Mandideep, Madhya Pradesh state, India.

Forms the hub of Lupin's competencies in cephalosporins and ACE-Inhibitors.
Manufactures both APIs and finished dosages.
World's largest producer of lisinopril API.
Manufactures both oral and injectable cephalosporins.

Plant - Tarapur, Maharashtra state, India.

Forms the core of Lupin's fermentation capabilities.
World's largest plant for rifampicin. One of only three rifampicin plants in the world approved by the US FDA.
Produces lovastatin conforming to top world class standards in cGMP.
Main products: rifampicin, lovastatin, other statins.

Plant - Goa.

Forms Lupin's non-cephalosporin oral dosages.
Lupin's 11th plant to receive US FDA approval.
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