Manufacturing / R&D
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides the advanced manufacturing capabilities and processes that create quality specialty and generic products. Lupin is amongst the world's largest manufacturers of products in its chosen therapeutic areas. Lupin has manufacturing operations in 5 cities in India and also a site in Thailand. Our plants are located at Mandideep, Aurangabad, Tarapur, Ankleshwar and Goa, in India.

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The new tablet/capsule facility in Goa, India allows Lupin to file and manufacture a wide range of finished products for the US market:

Diverse / Integrated manufacturing capability;
Synthetic API's; Fermentation products;
Oral and injectable finished products.

We have cost leadership with large scale, complex products.

Successful US FDA inspection at 11 manufacturing facilities
Asia's only US FDA approved fermentation plant for rifampicin.
WHO certified finished products manufacturing facility for tuberculosis products.
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